Port / Terminal Surveillance-Security-Software Systems

Port / Terminal  Surveillance-Security-Software Systems

Today, security / monitoring has taken primacy in ports/ships as in every sector.
With special security software & sensors (Thermal camera - radar - ais etc.) system capable to show ship / boat movements on the sea - port entry/exit monitoring can be provided and all these data can be recorded.
We can detail these types of projects like below;
- With basic software you can see AIS targets on the detailed electronic charts. If you will add thermal camera and radar into the system you may track target with radar and thermal camera automatically will turn to target in order to find out identity.
- Ship/boat pilotting-monitoring on the detailed electronic charts for pilot houses and traffic control stations (ETA - course - speed information)
- Recording of all VHF Radiotelephone conversations for evidence purposes
- Combining these systems with weather report and wave&current&tide measurements


We offer solutions especially port security systems to our customers.

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